Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Are you sitting comfortably?

This week we played a new game, the aim was to be the first team to pass an electric current (a squeeze of the hand) from the generator at one end of the line to the siren at the other.

Each team sat in a line holding hands, with the generators next to each other and the sirens at the far end of each line. A coin toss determins whether the current should pass on or not. Heads a squeeze of hands should travel to the siren and make it sound, tails nothing should happen. The siren from the loosing team swaps teams and becomes the generator for the other team.

This week we made mats to sit on when we are at camp. The brightly coloured plastic is the kind of fabric which councy castles are made form so should be nice and waterproof. We used sticky backed plastic to personalise the mats.

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