Sunday, 1 December 2013

Stories by candle light

Last week we recycled empty jars into some colourful lanterns, the children produced some wonderful designs.

This week we used used a tarpaulin to set us a shelter, just like the ones we sometimes build in the woods to sleep in. This time we lit our lanterns and used it as a story telling space.

Each person chose one item form the story box, then together we used all the items to build the story. Which item would you choose?

This week our story was about George Bear, who lived in a house at the bottom of a huge beech tree in the woods. In the spring George enjoyed watching the buds grow on the trees, and the bluebells spread out across the forest floor. Once summer came George loved looking up and see little patches of sky through the leaves of the tall trees, but as autumn came and the leaves turned brown and started to fall from the trees George began to feel cold whenever he looked out of his window. He knew that soon it would be winter and the leaves would all be gone until Spring came round again.

George decided that he would gather together some things which reminded him of the long summer days, and he made a little space on the window sill where he could gather them all together.

His sunglasses came first, reminding him of the time he spent at the beach. He didn;t need sunglasses in the woods, the trees made plenty of shade. Then a pebble he'd collected on holiday, and a flower, and a lovely picture of the trees on a sunny day. He found a picture of his friend butterfly too, and added that to his display.

Finally once he'd set everything up he settled down in his chair, with a big bowl of porridge. Now he could look out of the window at the Autumn colours and then down at the windowsill and his display of summer memories and be reminded that after the snow and frost the bluebells would poke back through the ground and the trees would grow fresh green leaves again.

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