Friday, 8 May 2015

Spring camp 2015

Our preparations started a few weeks before the camp, making a few things to take along with us to show others a bit about our group. We already have a wonderful banner which our Pioneers made some time ago and which has come along to several events with us but with so many new members it was time for something new.

This year we opted for a totem pole, with each person decorating thier own section to add to the finished pole. It made a great feature in the marquee.

The Pioneers were once again busy baking 140 servings of cake!. The chocolate marble cake looked amazing when it was done.

The weather this year meant we spent plenty of time in the marquee working on crafts. There was something for everyone with the knotted bracelets and tissue paper lanterns proving particularly popular.

The Sunday afternoon wide game is always a firm favourite, this years theme was bees. The aim of the game being to collect nectar and take it back to your hive, pollinating flowers along the way. There were various activity stations set up in the woods to earn extra nectar, whether it was by performing a waggle dance to show your partner where the pollen was hidden, or following the smell trail to get to the nectar. Some like the fire lighting were less bee themed but no less fun.

It was a tired and muddy but happy group who went home on Monday

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