Thursday, 28 April 2011

Welly pegs in Action

The first of our camp crafts, the welly pegs are done, so our boots should stay organised.

The pegs are wooden clothes pegs, decorated with shapes cut from sheets of craft foam. We used a variety of hole punches to make the shapes. For some reason some of the sheets of foam seemed stiffer than other colours. The thicker ones were easier to punch, however a piece of paper held underneath the thinner sheets made them easier to punch.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Comming up this term

As many of us are looking forward to the camp at the end of May our craft's this term are going to focus on making things that will be useful on the weekend.

The first will be making decorated welly pegs. Hopefully they will keep us organised at camp.

We're also planning to decorate some groundsheets so we don't get wet bottoms at camp.

Finally we're going to make recycled tin can lanterns. There is no electricity at the camp site so we'll use these to light up our evenings.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

What I like

There's lots of games, we can do crafts, cooking and stories. The games are quite long, we sometimes play outside. It's brilliant

Esme aged 6

Welcome to the Blog

The aim of this blog is to share what we have been doing in our group.

Last term we were busy with the Woodcraft Pom Pom Olyimplics. Everyone made their own pom pom,  then we got together in small groups to invent the events. We found out how far, and how high we could throw them and how accurately we could hit a target.

Our last session was very popular as we made chocolate nests, complete with mini eggs. Yum.

Next term we are looking forward to playing more games outside and to our first camp at the end of May.