Friday, 21 February 2014

Let there be light

As we often go out into the woods, camp or even sleep in our shelters in the woods we all know that a torch is a very useful thing to have. A tiny powerful one that you can hang up in your tent or shelter is even better.

 With that in mind the Pioneers have all created their own tent lights. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but with the homemade diffuser, you can even read by it.

 Of course if you don't feel like a nice quite read there is more active fun to be had with them too

CD recycling

CDs are a common form of plastic waste, once they are scratched they are no use and we've probably all had a freebie with a newspaper or magazine that we didn't really want, so it's always interesting to find new ways to use them.

This one was really simple and great fun. Have a look at our homemade spinning tops.