Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The legend of the Mermaids Pool

Each year Woodcraft have a project called Hands In, where groups form around the country get together to work on something together. This year theme is story telling, the stories will pass form group to group with each group adding a bti mroe. Finally the completed stories will be circulated later in the year.

Our group was one of the first groups, and our starting passage was about a group of children looking at a map of Kinder Scout and the surrounding area and deciding to visit.

We started by looking at the map ourselves, noticing what kind of features we could find. Then we looked at some photos of the local area. We also found out more about the legend of the Mermaid's Pool on Kinder Scout.

After writing our part of the story the children painted pictures of what they thought the area, and the mermaid might look like.

Friday, 10 January 2014


On one of the few dry afternoons of the holidays I went out for a walk and collected a few pinecones. So many options for things to make with them. We added some bits of felt, coloured pipecleaners and of course a few googly eyes and here's what the Elfins came up with:

 A mouse with pink ears and a long tail

Sky diving pinecones, complete with their own parachutes

 A very colourful bird

The pioneers started out on some bead work, there is still more to go but they are looking great already. They are planing to sew them onto leather bracelets to finish them off but here's a sneak preview of their work so far.