Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

Tonight was the night of our Christmas end of term celebration in the woods. It's nice to get out and experience the outdoors in all seasons and at this time of year hot chocolate and biscuits always go down well.

So with waterproofs and wellies we set off, first for a spot of echo location as we played "bat and moth". The moths set of down the (very muddy) track, and the bats had to follow a few minutes later using sound to work out which way the moths had travelled.

We played around with sound a bit more with some singing/shouting games before stopping for that all important hot chocolate break.

We finished the evening with a new game, Searchlight. One person stood apart form the group with a fairly powerful torch. The aim was for the other members of the group to try and creep up on the "searchlight" without the beam of light "catching" them.

On our final walk back we encountered the deepest puddle of the evening. A puddle which runs the risk of going over the top of Daniels rather tall green wellies is a puddle indeed.