Friday, 13 February 2015

Get up and Glow

Packing for this weeks outdoor evening covered all eventualities. The first aid kit thankfully stayed tucked up in my bag needed, but the hot chocoltae was much appreciated in the cold.

It was the sort of evening when you need to keep active to stay warm, but we had lots of games to play. Starting with a balloon race. Each team passed a balloon over the hear of the first player, under the legs of the second and so on down the line. When the final player in line took the balloon they had to run to the front of the line to restart. It was a great warm up, made all the more fun by putting glowsticks inside the balloons so we could see them better in the dark.

The glowing balloons lent themselves well to some other games we'd more often play with balls too.

We ended the evening with a few rounds of untig, everyone had  just 10 seconds to find a hiding place before the untigger set off to find people. Some of the best hiding places we found by those who could manage to stay very still in the shadows.