Thursday, 29 March 2012

Birds and Baskets

Spring is definitely in the air, the last couple of weeks the weather has been warm enough for us to have our  games part of the evening outside in the playground. Its great to be outside and nice to be able to play a few different games, last week we played Giants, Wizards and Goblins, We've also been enjoying Spot and Sit. The children have to find the object, hidden somewhere in the playground then sit down where they first saw it. They have been coming up with some very good hiding places.

With the Easter holidays nearly here the elfins made some woven Easter baskets. They worked really hard to get the hang of the weaving as it was a bit tricky for some of them. Of course no basket would be complete without a chocolate egg and these were no exception.

The pioneers made paper birds, they had to carefully measure the strips of paper before starting the fiddly job of gluing all the loops together. Again I think the results speak for themselves, though my photography needs some work!

Next term we are hoping we'll get some more time outside as we have some games plans which really won't fit in the hall. We're also looking forward to a spring camp with some of the other Bristol groups. It's at the same place we went to last year but this time in tents rather than a building.

I'm also pleased to announce that we got our grant form the council for the bushcraft equipment and the next leader training weekend is the end of April. Hopefully this means we'll be able to add these activities into the programme soon.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Leap day leap frogs

29th of February on;y comes round once every 4 years so what better way to celebrate the leap day than with leap frogs.

The elfins used paper plates and paint to create frogs with long springy legs to leap. Some people went for the traditional green of the frogs we see in our gardens but others went for tree frogs, poison dart frogs or created designs not found anywhere else.

The pioneers folded origami frogs which were supposed to hop. However they found the races were much faster if they crouched down behind thier frogs and blew them along. Flying Frogs! Again they used their imagination to decorate the frogs with numbers and racing stripes.