Monday, 18 August 2014

September Vacancies

We have places in the Elfin group, for children aged 6 - 9 years old starting Sept.

We also have a very limited number of places in the Pioneer group, for children ages 10 - 12 years old, again starting in September.

If you are interested please contact us on

Children are welcome to join the group at the start of the term they turn 6, so if your child will be 6 soon do get in touch. We are also taking names for the waiting list if you child will turn 6 later in the year.

The group meets every Wednesday during term time, with at least one session each term being an outdoor one. We also join with other local groups for camps and activities throughout the year.

The cost is £26.40 per term (12 weeks).

Summer Term

The final weeks of the summer term were a very busy few for the group.  The middle of June saw our annual taster evening, when we open our doors for everyone to join us in an activity or two.

This year, the elfins made wooden badges and bird feeders. The Pioneers made small pea shooters and spent the rest of the session devising games to play with them.

The Pioneers spent the next few sessions on some more wood projects, this time making small pendants or in some cases guitar plectrums form different varieties of woods. You can really see the differences in the colours and grains of the woods up close, although it's not so easy form the photo.

The elfins focus for the last few weeks was on playing outdoors. We had  session using lots of different ways of blowing bubbles, and even using them to make prints. We also made our own kites.