Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Night in the woods

Finally the weather was on our side and we enjoyed a great night out in the woods. I was beginning to despair when I was out in the hail storm at lunch time.

We started with a couple of rounds of "pegs in the wood" a surprisingly fun game involving sneaking a clothes peg from a base in the woods and getting past the guards to peg it on the clothes line.

This was followed by a rest and some hot chocolate, always popular.

Finally we split into groups and played a sound tracking game. The "moths" went off into the woodland and the "bats" had to find them by sending out a sound signal. Each time the moths heard the signal they were to respond so the bats could track them.

There were some very tired children (and adults) by the end of the evening.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Rainbow Sand

Having focused on games for the last couple of weeks it was time for a craft session tonight. I started on the rainbow sand jars back in July when I made the coloured sand and it's been waiting ever since.

It was surprisingly quiet as the children concentrated on getting the layers of sand just right

The jars need to be completely full, any space and when you move them the layers of sand will all mix up. If they do settle and leave gaps you may need to add a bit more sand later so we didn't glue the lids down.

The finished jars looked really pretty.