Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Squeezy fun

Our very own stress balls

Park in the Dark

Spaces which are so familiar during the day take on a whole different feel after sunset, so while we've been many times to our local park in the summer it felt quite different this evening. Not being able to see out into the distance, or quite where the muddy spots were underfoot. Being a clear night gave us a fantastic view of the stars though, and as our eyes grew accustomed to the dark we were able to pick out more surprises, like the clumps of snowdrops under the trees.

Our plan for the evening was a treasure hunt. Each group was given a map of the park, with the locations marked. The treasure pots were covered in reflective materiel, very easy to miss until the torchlight hit them.

After the treasure hunt and a warming drink of hot chocolate it was time to tackle the "incredibly scary swamp of doom". In the corner of the park is a rope and plank bridge, another area which looked very different in the torch light than on a sunny afternoon.

Masks and a big pot of soup

Each year all the groups from across Bristol join together for an afternoon of games and fun. Each group also brings along a short performance to share at the merrymoot.

The year our Elfins performed a sketch about the bravest camper, each trying to scare the other campers with their masks. I certainly think I'd be scared if I saw some of these coming .

Following on from their T shirt recycling project earlier in the year the Pioneers told the story of Aunty Meg, a dedicated recyler who turns her old coat into a whole range of new items of clothing.

Following the performances it was time for a quick meal of home made soup, lots of people means a big pan of soup!. The even was rounded off with songs around the camp fire. Great fun if a little chilly!

A New Banner

A number of years ago, our Pioneers made us a group banner, with all the local sights. It's been with us to many camps and events over the years, but as time has gone on and those children have moved up the time has come for a new banner to represent our current members.

Each person has decorated their own section, here are just a few to sample.

Hopefully our new banner will be ready for the Spring camp, watch out for it at local events too.