Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Tie Dye, work in progress

Undeterred but the rain it was a riot of colour this evening, for our tie dye. We'll have to wait to see the final result though. The dyes all need to be left overnight to fix before we can untie them and see what we've created.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


A great first week back. It's always nice to see what people have been doing over the holidays, and to meet those who are just joining the group.

This week we made our own harmonica using lolly sticks, you can make a lot of different noises although it's hard to play a proper tune. After experimenting with the noises we could make we played a hide and seek game. One person went out while we hid the toy frog. Then using different sounds from our harmonicas we help guide the seeker to find the frog.

Sound's to easy?? Then try the harder version, have two teams of guides, two seekers and two hidden objects. It takes a lot of concentration to make out your own teams signals.