Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Tesco, Bags of Help

Our project has been shortlisted for a public vote in Tesco’s #BagsofHelp initiative! Vote for us to win the top prize in store!

Help us to buy tents and camping equipment so that more children can join our camps, experience the outdoors and enjoy working and playing together.

Voting Begins on 1st November.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Stokes Rocks

Lots of local families are having great fund hiding painted rocks around the area. The idea is that if you find a rock you can either keep it, or re hide it ready to bring a smile to someone else's day. There's a Facebook group so you can upload pictures of the rocks you've found, and perhaps track the progress of those you've hidden.


So we thought that for our last week of term we'd head out on a bit of a rock hunt. Of course we needed to have our own rocks ready to hide.

Even our logo made it onto a rock

Then we set off on a torchlit hunt round the local park and surrounding area, here are just a few of the rocks we found. All have now been hidden again for the game to continue.

 And a few of ours ready to hide
I wonder where they will go next.

Busy busy Autumn

 Our autumn term has been a very busy one, it's always fun to catch up with everyone again and see what people got up to over the long summer break. Although as so many of us were at summer camp there was a little less to catch up on this year.

We had a few warm evening where we could still play outdoors, and make the most of the autumn harvest with a few games of conkers.

September was also our picnic in the park with groups from across Bristol, and afternoon of games and fun. The younger children very much enjoyed hunting for all the bears around the the trees.

Our membership badges arrived just before the summer, so we've all been sewing some badge hangers to display them. Some people used buttons to add extra bling. We also tried our hands at some rope making, it's a tricky one to get the hang of, but one we can perhaps practice again another time. 

In so many cultures this time of year there are festivals celebrated with light, we opted for some colorful lanterns to brighten up the dark evenings.

Leader Training, welcoming our young leaders

We've been lucky enough in Bristol to be able to access some funding from the Alpkit foundation, for bushcraft training for our leaders. It's always a popular activity at camps and groups, so it's great to be able to get some more leaders ready to run things.

It's great that our young leader have been able to take part in the training too, many of them have enjoyed these activities as younger children and are keen to learn more about running them safely.

The first of our training sessions was in early September, over a rather damp weekend, giving us all a certain motivation to make sure our shelters really were waterproof!

Practising knots

Fire lighting was quite challenging with the wet weather, but everyone boiled their water in the end.
and of course cooking over the fire