Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Stokes Rocks

Lots of local families are having great fund hiding painted rocks around the area. The idea is that if you find a rock you can either keep it, or re hide it ready to bring a smile to someone else's day. There's a Facebook group so you can upload pictures of the rocks you've found, and perhaps track the progress of those you've hidden.

So we thought that for our last week of term we'd head out on a bit of a rock hunt. Of course we needed to have our own rocks ready to hide.

Even our logo made it onto a rock

Then we set off on a torchlit hunt round the local park and surrounding area, here are just a few of the rocks we found. All have now been hidden again for the game to continue.

 And a few of ours ready to hide
I wonder where they will go next.

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