Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Our new group banner is complete

The circus is here

We had a great time out on the field tonight practicing our circus skills.

The children made their own spinning poi, and worked hard practicing with them. We also had some spinning plates, juggling balls, and other circus bits to experiment with.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Spring camp and caving.

Preparations for camp started early, in our group we've made welly pegs to keep our boots together, made signs to hang on our beds and made a new group banner to take along to decorate the marquee.

Each year there are also a few bits of equipment which need replacing and this year was no different. A new colander made draining the potatoes so much easier.

This years Spring Camp was a little different to the previous couple of years. The site was mendip canvas village, where the tents are all ready set up, we slept in bunk beds and there was a fantastic central "hub" tent. With lots of room and space to play. As it turned out that was very handy as the first night and most of the second day were quite wet!.

We still had our bushcraft space with some fire lighting, whittling and the odd toasted marshmallow, along with a wide game and of course everyone still had their clans to help out with all the jobs to keep the camp running.

The site is also close to a number of caves, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to go and explore.

The banoffee pie was mentioned by quite a few children as one of th best bits of camp. 70 people eat quite a lot of pie.

As the rain finally started to clear on Saturday evening we were treated to a lovely rainbow.

The giant bubbles worked really well, so much fun.

A busy term

It's been a very bust term with lots of different things going on. Warm weather and lighter evenings mean we've been able to make the most of the outdoors.

We've decorated posts and planted sunflowers, which are growing well. I wonder how tall they will get this year.

Paper marbling was great fun too, all the swirling patterns were lovely to look at.

Clay is always popular and the children made some lovely creations.

It also lead to our big hit of the term, lots of the children wanted to splatter paint their clay creations, a bit too much mess for the hall. However, old clothes and a warm evening made for a very messy but fun evening. We had to leave the paint to dry before we could peel off the tape and revel the pictures, so sadly there aren't very many pictures of the finished items.

We were also getting ready for our Spring camp, everyone needs a welly peg to keep their boots together, and with bunk beds this year the children got creative making signs for their beds.