Sunday, 15 September 2013

Some catching up to do

Things were so busy that I never managed to update the blog last term.

The taster evening was fantastic, everyone one had a chance to saw, sand and decorate their own wooden badge and some wonderful clay models were made. We had everything from animals to coil pots and even some mini clay and twig shelters.

For the elfins the rest of the term we looked at bugs, we took a bug view out into the garden and were amazed at home many different ones we found in such a short time. Worms, ladybirds, woodlice ants and lots more. Indoors we made our own bugs out of junk and the following week made ladybird feeders to take home and hang up in our gardens.

The pioneers had a chance to make a batik wall hanging. Batik is a method of dying fabric where wax is used to stop the dye from colouring certain areas. Rather than hot wax we used glue and carefully traced over our designs. Once they were dry it was time to go over the top of the whole thing with paint and again leave it to dry. The final week was the most exciting as we got to see the designs revealed as we removed the glue.

The celebrate the start of the summer holidays we all set off into  the Three Brooks Nature reserve for a treasure hunt.