Thursday, 17 May 2012

Off to camp with Timmy

It's an an exciting weekend for our group with several of us off to Spring Camp. We're heading out to the Forest of Dean on Friday evening for 2 nights away, sleeping in tents and meeting people from other groups in Bristol. Some of us have been to camp before while for others this will be a new experience.

There are plans for lots of time outdoors exploring the area, crafts, games, bushcraft and or course no camp would be complete without a campfire. The weather over the last couple of weeks has not been ideal for camping but with our waterproofs on we're not going to let a bit of rain stop us.

We've got a new member of the group coming along with us, meet Timmy

Timmy won't be coming back with us though, he's a travel bug. On Saturday morning we're hunting a local geo cache. We'll put Timmy in the geo chace with a message form Woodcraft, then we're relying on other geo cahes to help Timmy travel, they can take him and move him to a new geo chace. We'll be able to follow his progress so watch out for updates of where he's been.

The rest of us will be coming back, hopefully happy and probably tired and with photos of the weekend.

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