Thursday, 19 July 2012

Pegs and Marshmallows

It's not everyday that pegs and marshmallows crop up together, however they were the basis of our end of term party this week

The evening started with a few games of "pegs in the wood". First the teams head out into the woods to choose their base where they will store their stash of pegs. The aim is to get as many pegs as possible from their base clipped onto the line, however to do that they must get past the defenders. Anyone who's caught must hand over their peg and go back to base to get another.

After that it was a short walk through the woods to get to the camp fire, which is of course where the marshmallows came in, a camp fire wouldn't be quite the same without them.

The term may be over but this weekend we will be at the Jubilee Green Sports Day, there are lots of activities planned some on bikes, some without. We'll be there with the badge maker.

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