Saturday, 8 September 2012

Off to a great start.

The first week of term is always lively and this one was no exception, they had so much to tell us at the news circle we forgot the drinks! We also welcomed several new children, I think I hope I got everyone's names right.

As usual both the Elfins and Pioneers had their games together before we went off to our separate activities.

The Elfins were looking at owls, we played a true or false game with some owl myths and facts. Did you know there are around 200 owl species, most of them hunt insects and small mammals but some hunt fish. Some owls can even turn their heads 270 degrees, wow, almost as good as eyes in the back of your head.

We also made our own owls from cardboard tubes

The pioneers went out onto the playing field to try their hand at rigging some tarpaulin shelters. There are lots of different possibilities for setting up the shelters, and hopefully they will remember a couple as we have an opportunity later this months to sleep out in them.

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