Monday, 13 May 2013

Back from camp

Wow, what a weekend it was. The weather was fantastic and we managed to fit in lots of different activities. Big thanks got to the Venturers (13 - 16 year olds) from South Bristol who planned the majority of the programme.

To start with everyone created their own personalised plate bag. While we are at camp everyone is responsible for looking after (and washing up) their own plates and cutlery so a plate bag is very much needed to help mealtimes run smoothly.

The wide game on Sunday was a big hit with the children, there was something for everyone with a bit of drama, trust games, making squares for a Bristol banner and even throwing wet sponges, a particular hit with some of the older ones.

On the topic of banners the one which the Bradley Stoke group have been busy making was on display in the marquee. The lake and the three brooks made it into the final design along with a discarded shopping trolley and some larger than life wildlife.

And of course the fantastic Tipis in the circle.

The bushcraft area was as popular as eve during the less busy times

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