Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Spring Camp Fun

Wow, what a great camp. The Pioneer's cake were every bit as good as they looked and proved very popular.

The weather was on our side too and we were treated to a weekend of glorious sunshine, although the nights were still very cold.

As with all camps the first thing we did after getting our tents up was find out which clans we were going to be in. Clans are our small groups who work together, takign a turn at all the jobs which need to happen to keep the camp running. This year all were named after animals.

Each clan worked together to make a clay figure of their animal,then we set off into the woods and built rafts to float the little animals down the stream.

All the rafts were different shapes and sizes, looks like some people had even bigger plans

There was plenty of time to relax around the site

or do a bit of whittling over in the bushcraft area

We started making our own camp bunting too, it will be fun to add some more flags and see it grow over time

Sunday afternoon saw everyone back in the woods together, this time for some medieval themed fun and games. With the help of Robin Hood,s band of followers will the peasants be able to collect enough salt, meat, bread and beer or with the Sheriff and his henchmen get the better of them.

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