Friday, 13 January 2017

Looking back over 2016

As has become our tradition we took to the woods for our last group night of the year.

The woods take on a different character at night, with just your own beam of torch light to pick out your path. the games we play so often take on a different feel when played in the dark.

We started with some tracking, one group setting off and making a trail for the second group to follow. Rather than laying arrows we made a sound trail. Both groups aimed to be a quiet as the could, but every so often the trail layers would make a sound for the trackers to follow.

We also played a seasonal Christmas Tree pairs game, hunting to find matching pairs of Christmas trees with our torches.

Over hot chocolate everyone shared their favourite memories of the past year, as you might expect Spring camp was a highlight for lots of people. Especially the caving and the banoffee pie.  Our weekend in the woods was also high on people's favorite's list. 

Of the Wednesday evening activities the Pioneers have been really enjoying making their own survival kits, they've made their own compass, learned some basic first aid, and lots of other things. It's an ongoing project with lots more to do in the new year.

The clay Christmas decorations and glitter were a big hit too. I suspect getting the last traces of glitter out of the group equipment box might last well into the new year too :-)

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