Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bird Feeders

As the weather is getting colder it was a nice time to think about how various animals are preparing for winter, making sure they eat enough to get through the cold months, migrating somewhere warmer or even hibernating till Spring arrives.

Since we still had pine cones from a few weeks ago when we made pine cone creatures, it seemed they would make a good base for some bird feeders, for the feathered friends arriving to spend the winter here.

First we tied string to the pine cones so we would be able to hang the feeders up for the birds, I learned the hard way that it's difficult to do this once the feeder is complete, so my example is stringless! The we spread the pine cones with fat, making sure to squeeze it into all the spaces. Finally rolling now sticky pinecone in a tray of bird seed, again making sure to press it onto the gaps.

It was fun making the feeders and hopefully we'll get to watch the birds stop by for a meal.

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