Thursday, 8 November 2012

Camp fires and new term

At the end of last term with joined with another group who are just starting out for an end of term celebration, Woodcraft style.

Boiling wells is a site owned by St Werburg's city farm and was the perfect venue for our campfire party. Both groups had made lanterns which they brought along and which looked beautiful when they were all lit. The children were set the challenge of finding several buildings and features in the wood's.

As well as our big campfire to sit round the chiildren got a chance to use the fire steels (aka sparky stick) to have a go at starting their own mini fires.

Finally with mugs of hot chocolate and a snack we all gathered together for a bit of singing round the fire. It was great to see so many people tune out on a damp and lets face it cold evening, and to meet our new neighbours.

This week saw our first session of the new term, and a little spice to our evening when the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the hall. Having checked we had everyone we played a few games outdoors (a goo thing we are not put off by a bit of cold weather) and watched the fire engines arrive.

Once the building was declared safe we continued our evening inside, the pioneers doing a spot of puzzle solving while the Elfins made some lovely autum inspired creations from pressed leaves. We had everything from rabbits and butterflies to tadpoles and pac man!

Here's a few of the pictures they made.

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