Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I knew it would come in handy


Way back in 2001 Woodcraft held and international camp, with 4000+ people we needed banners to guide folks around the site. At the end of the camp I brought home several banners form the "e-shacks" we'd been running. Basicly huts with computers for people to send an e-postcard home.

Our then pioneer group recycled one of them into their own banner, I still love all those hot air balloons and remember just how much work it took to get the suspension bridge to come together!

Tonight we're setting the same challenge for Bradley Stoke Pioneers, armed with a backdrop and lots and lots of sticky back plastic well be creating a Bradley Stoke banner to take along to spring camp with us.

Watch this space to see what they come up with and look out for the banner as we hope to bring it along with us to our summer events.

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